Missing Safepoint After Firmware Update ver04.04.02-105 (2016 Jan)

After the recent firmware update, my safepoint to an external USB drive was lost. Now when I access the NAS drive, I see there are two USB drives when only one is actually connected. I disconnected the USB drive but the “ghost” drive remains. Not sure how to delete this from Windows 10?

At the Command Prompt and using “net view” Windows replies with the USB drive. However it is not attached.

When I try to unshare the USB drive using “net share” I get this error message, “This shared resource does not exist”.

Any help is appreciated.


Others are experiencing similar issues. See the following threads where this has been discussed (some mixed results).




I ended up deleting and recreating safe points after last loss. Then upgraded firmware. Did system restore.

Then guess what. 2 weeks of running OK and the safepoints just vanished again. Grr!

Before they disappeared, Level 2 WD tech support contacted me to discuss further my post on them disappearing the previous time and I got my hopes up they had something helpful. Alas, seemed to be nothing more than a courtesy call. He didn’t believe many users have problems with safe points or indexing/thumbnail issue! I pointed out all the forum posts over 18 months but he still didn’t see a problem. What can you do. I just wish review sites would point people to community forums as a part of their reviews. I now know better.

@ sbird

There have been many posts on the safepoint issue as Bennor described above. Some have found the bug, I think, by the My Cloud renaming an attached USB drives’ safepoint. The solution was posted in that thread

New Release Firmware Release 04.04.02-105 (1/27/2016)

Another fix that I have found, in my case anyway, was this:
I have 2 My Clouds … My Cloud (B) is a safepoint to My Cloud (A).
After a network upgrade, My Cloud (A) could not see the safepoint of My Cloud (B). I had the IP’s of both My Clouds before the upgrade but had issues with the Static IP’s set within the My Cloud’s Dashboard and the new network. What I found out was if I returned the My Clouds back to DHCP and just set the router to issue them the original IP’s that they were before the upgrade, then everything was back to normal. All links worked, safepoints were seen and updatable, etc…

Does this bug apply to only USB safe points? I too have now got a share called Xxxxxx_2 on the USB, but it still works after a few weeks.

I can’t see any similar renaming of shares on target NAS.

After the firmware update I ended up with a ghost folder for my USB drive.
Since the original USB/drive/folder is now the ghost folder, the NAS drive
only sees one and renamed the USB drive by adding a “2” to the end of the
previous name. Since the sharepoint was associated with the older drive
name, it has now lost the sharepoint.


You mentioned usb drive. Do we know if this renaming business is also happening with safepoints stored on other myclouds?

Ok, now I’m really confused.

We lost power yesterday thanks to the kettle. This morning one (of three) missing safepoints that backup to another MC is back and successfully updated. Huh? No sign of the other two on the same souce MC. They are identical just daily, weekly, vs monthly.

But…the safepoint on another MC (that backsup to USB) the safepoint is now missing. What the?

What Ive also noticed (presumably since the reboot) is I can access the drives via http://xxxxx/UI etc.For several weeks I could only access the dashboard http:/192.168.1.x/UI

I presume that’s a router problem, but I’m curious if another else has this issue of not being able to contact dashboard via devicename? Wouldn’t surprise me if the safepoints get upset when they cant see the device by name on the network.

I had the safepoint issue: My USB safepoint was lost after the update! Also there were duplicate shares as mentioned in other posts (like *_2, *_3 etc). But I resolved it today! My safepoint is back and working! This is the solution:

  1. Turn off the WD Cloud.
  2. Disconnect USB drive from Cloud.
  3. Turn on Cloud. Open Cloud settings in browser. In my house it is
    4) Go to “Shares”. Though your USB drive is not connected, here it will show up as a share or many duplicate shares like _2, _3. Delete those share/shares.
  4. Close browser, turn off the Cloud.
  5. Connect your USB drive to the Cloud and turn on the Cloud.
  6. The safepoint would now be back! You can find it under “Safepoints” in Cloud settings.
    Enjoy the relief!

Apologies for the late reply. No I do not. However, I was able to delete the ghost safepoint. I also performed a System Only Restore. I was NOT able to recover my safepoint on the USB drive.

I have stopped using the Safepoint, since it does not make a complete backup. I have returned to making separate backups on each computer.