Reset mycloud password

Hi all,
I just tried to go into the system settings of my MyCloud for the first time in several months and I realized I had forgotten the password. Thankfully, I was able to figure it out and get back in. However, I’d like to be prepared for the future so I can make sure I’m handling my device properly. If, in the future, I were to forget the password, does anyone know if I’d be able to reset it? And if so, how?
Thank you!
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My Cloud OS 5: Pin Reset & System Only Restore

Option A: 4 Second Reset (Reset with Power On)

The 4 Second Reset will reset the following:

  • Admin Password (no default password, new password enforced)
  • Network Mode (Default = DHCP)

Note: The 4 Second Reset will only reset the Admin Password. It will not reset the Admin User Name. In order to reset the Admin User Name perform Option B - the 40 Second Reset outlined below.

To execute the 4 Second Reset:

  1. With the power on, using a paperclip or narrow tipped pen, press and hold the reset button for at least 4 seconds. The reset process will cause the device to reboot and may take up to 5 minutes to complete. Please wait until the Power LED is solid blue, indicating the device is ready to use.
  2. Setup the My Cloud using the dashboard.
    For instructions, please refer to Answer ID 29391 My Cloud OS 5 How to Set Up Using the Dashboard