Reset Factory MyCloudHome. Why is this procedure taking so long?

Good Morning.

I intend to replace my simple 3TB unit with the factory settings.

My unit was filled with about 2TB of files I had already backed up.

I pressed the reset button with the unit turned off + unit power on + 40 seconds reset button pressure.

After this procedure the white front light began to flash.

As I write this text 75 hours and 50 minutes have elapsed and the white light on the front continues to flash …

This is normal? What is the status of the indicator light when the action is finished? Why is this procedure taking so long?

Thank you in advance for your attention and answers.


on the my cloud home a 40 sec reset should only demote the device owner. to erase data you need to use the 60 sec reset.

when erasing large amounts of data it will take a while but 75 hours seems a bit excessive. Is the LED fast blinking or slow blinking? there could be different things going on depending on the LED behavior. It looks like a system erase will not occur if there is no active internet connection and if the LED is blinking fast that means there is no active internet connection.

here are some knowledge base articles i found for resets

Good Morning.

Thank you for your answer. In fact the correct procedure is to press the reset button for 60 seconds.

I started all over again with this procedure. However after 12 hours the front led was always flashing during the whole process. And he blinked at the same pace as he thought was slow.
I do not know what to do … And this is the only method I have because I could never access the dashboard that apparently also allows the reset via browser.

It is by not having access to the dashboard that I thought that starting all over again could manage to have this tool.

In conclusion I have one of two situations to solve:

1 Restore the machine to the factory settings, or
2 Possibility to access the dashboard.

Thank you for the help of anyone who can give me clues to the good resolution of this matter.

Thank you.



I know this thread is old, but It might help people… So I suffered for hours, but managed to get it right.

The first thing you wanna do is go on your mycloud account, in the settings, and detach your s*** My Cloud Home. If you get a error, you can yell a little, go have a beer and come back. Then you can try to do the 60 seconds reset (which won’t work at this point), which in my case allowed me to detach the device. Once that is done, you will be looking for this device. Do not waste your time trying to connect it manually with the code, I wasted an hour. At this point, the 60 seconds reset will reboot your device, but the light will be flashing rapidly and won’t connect. What you need to do it to unplugg the device, go chill a bit, then plug the internet wire, then the power cord. Once its starting, one mistake you can make is to reset it right away… don’t. Give the piece of s*** 5-10 minutes to turn on. From there, if you do to, in the settings, you should be able to detect the device. If MyCloud doest not detect it automatically, do not waste your time and start over. Once you get MyCloud to detect the device, you can start the 60 seconds reset process. Once it’s completed, you will have a slow breathing state for a while and the app will tell you to find it manually, like if it was not detected… thats a lie. You can hear the discs working, that’s because the reset process is running. At one point (it took 15 minutes in my case) the flashing light will stop slow breathing. Nothing will warn you its completed. You now know you are allowed to enter your 9 characters (or digits or both, i guess) code (found undeneath your device). NOW MY CLOUD should be able to finish the process.


I just figure it out, WD’s documentation is very confusing.
If the box still blink after 1 minute, the reset has failed, you need to do it agin.

  1. press rest button with pin for 60 seconds, but the LED will NOT blink, however, stop pressing the button
  2. After 5-10 seconds the mycloud will turn off by itself and start reboot
  3. After reboot, LED will start blinking for 2-3 minutes, then it will reboot again
  4. Voila, now mycloud is factory reset
  1. Factory Reset using a pin for 60+ seconds
  2. After about ten minutes, the LED is solid
  3. Tried to log in account
  4. Log in is successful
  5. Shows device is offline
  6. Whereas the LED is solid, and the internet connection shows both LEDs active.

Looking for any help … Thanks

Good morning, Edward.

When performing a factory reset on your device, it is normal for the front light to flash for an extended period of time. The duration semicolon butterfly tattoo can vary depending on the model and the amount of data that was previously stored on the device. The flashing light indicates that the unit is undergoing the reset process, which involves erasing all the data and restoring the device to its original factory settings.

In some cases, the reset process can take several hours or even days, especially if there was a significant amount of data on the device. The duration also depends on the processing power and resources of the device itself.

It doesn’t. You are doing it wrong.

This above is part one of the answer.

Above is part two of the answer.

Part three:

  • There is a SSH script to factory reset the My Cloud Home if you search the forum thoroughly, but it should not be used so it will not be posted here.

  • All bets are off if the hard disk drive has unrecoverable disk errors. In that case you should download the debug_logs.tar from the MCH and examine the smartctl.