Unable to do reset my My Cloud Home

I’ve had my 3TB device for several days; it’s been working well. However, this morning when I woke up, the device is offline. Eventually, I pulled the plug (because shutting it down wasn’t an option at this state). When I plugged it back it, the LED immediately fully lit. It did not go through the blinking part. I eventually found out that that’s indicative that the device was not booting up.

The advice I read is to do a factory reset, which I’m fine since I don’t have a lot of data loaded yet. I opted for the button reset because the guide was mentioning an “Erase all data” button, but I instead saw “Detach from this device”, and that made me hesitant against that option.

I pushed the reset button for well over a minute, waiting for the LED to blink and turn off. But nothing seem to be happening. The LED just stayed lit. Later, I did the “Detach from this device” option, but that was a deadend as well.

Any other steps I can take?

@Kiguchi Have you read the User Manual?

  1. Front LED
    The front LED on My Cloud Home devices is a single color, white. It is either on, off or blinks
    with a certain rhythm to indicate a specific “System Condition”. A “System Condition” list is
    outlined below in Table 1.2.

@cat0w – yup I saw that table in the user manual. The issue with my device is that it does not blink when I power it on; it goes straight to solid light. Supposedly, that indicates that the device is not booting up properly.

Here’s the article that I used as guidance.

My Cloud Home Solid White LED and Never Blinks at Power On