Remote access disabled 970 error

4TB Drive installed and mapped onto laptop / can access via laptop and TV’s with via home network ( LAN) a week after installing I cannot access drive via the installed app on phone and tablet with the above error being displayed for the past 3 days

I cannot also login to the dashboard/drive directly via the WD singn in process as this indicates that the drive in offline ( it isnt / connection is stable / can access drive via laptop as per mapping )

How can I now access a) via the app on multi media devices and b) access the dashboard LAN or otherwise


Is the front LED on the My Cloud blue?

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard? (Not the web portal)

If you can access the Dashboard, does the Settings > Network > Network Profile > Status indicate “Internet access”?

If you can access the Dashboard, is the Settings > Cloud Access > Remote Access set to ON?
Does the Settings > Cloud Access > Connection Status indicate “Connected”?

Does the user you are using to access the My Cloud remotely have Cloud Access enbled? See Dashboard > Cloud Access.

Sometimes one can fix remote access problems by turning Remote Access off and wait five to ten minutes, then enable Remote Access.

Sometimes when all else fails performing a 40 second reset and re-configuring the My Cloud can fix some issues/errors.