Cannot Access Network (900)

Just now my cloud starts to act up throwing this “Cannot access network (900)” error.

Everything is up and running:

Cloud Access connection status - Connected - Port forwarding connection established

Ports are open

I try connecting from my phone 4G, nothing error. I try connecting from outside PC, nothing error.

Connect from within LAN through WIFI, it works.

I turn off/on the Remote Access at the Dashboard. I can connect through 4G for about 10 minutes, then the same error.

What gives? The firmware is updated, the app is updated.

I did a reboot, it worked for about 5 minutes and then again, cant connect remotely.

All the while, the NETWORK tab says Status - Internet access

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See if the following link help.,

Thanks but no, they don’t. I’m not new at this. This has been working for almost a year. Nothing has changed in my configuration. Everything is up and running, even the cloud drive says its working.

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