Remote Access 403 error

Hi, I’ve searched the forums but I cant quite find a similar post or solution, though it seems remote access in general seems to be a common issue…

I am experiencing a reoccurring issue with remote access from my Android mobile device. I can access mycloud fine through the app with any wifi connection. However, when attempting to access through mobile data (3G) I get a ‘User does not have permission’ 403 error and it will not let me access mycloud.

When this previously occurred, I checked the permissions via the dashboard and my device was still listed as normal. I deleted the device on the dashboard and then reinstalled it by going through the authorisation process again. This temporarily fixed the issue but before long, I got the same error message again.    

Is this a common problem and has this been caused by a firmware update? Can any one recommend a permanent fix?

Thanks in advance for any help,



Check on the dashboard for the unit to see if the access code for that device expired.

See if this helps

Yes, it did expire but that is kind of the problem. If you reset it, it just expires again very shortly afterwards. It does seem inefficient to have to keep authorising the device every day or so?

Ensure from the dashboard cloud access, you are currently linked to Remove all devices under your username, if any. Then from the app settings, unlink your device from account. Switch to mobile network mode, from the app sign in back to the You don’t need to use the code by this method and should be able to see your device.