Remote acces WdMyCloud offline

Hi Guys, can’t access my cloud remotely, if I am at home i can stream movies etc, but remotely, the dash board says cloud connecting… and thats it, then checking the http://wdmycloud.local/UI/ status is failed to connect, how to fix it?

Edit, misread the OP’s post sorry about that. If one is having trouble with remote access check that one is using a static IP address for the My Cloud (best set or assigned within the router’s DHCP server) then configure port forwarding (ports 80 and 443) to the My Cloud IP address within the router.

In certain rare cases one’s broadband provider may block certain ports like port 80. If this is the case then one will need to reconfigure the remote access port option within the My Cloud to use a port other than 80 and or 443 and similarly configure the port forwarding within the router.