Cloud access impossible with v03.04.01-230

Hi all.

I tried everything I found in the community. Static IP, forwarding ports, applying ip filters… but nothing seems to work. When I turn on the cloud accest in the best cases the message “ready” appears for a few seconds just to change to “Trying to establish a remote access connection…” Can’t connect with the desktop Win app nor web access through

When I try to connect with browser to the public ip and the specified port the connection is rejected. The only exception to that is when I leave the default ports (80 and 443). Then I get a Forbidden msg (which is what it should be) but it remains impossible to access.

I’d llike to keep the firmware version since I have customizations impossible to keep with newer versions.

Thanks in advance!

the URL is, not

No, you only need to open and log i with your mycloud credentials, you cannot access the device by reverse-browsing (most routers don’t support this feature anyway). And you don’t need any port forwarding in your router as the My Cloud device will open these ports from inside to outside, so no need to do port forwarding anyway.

What Customizations?

First of all, thanks for your quick answer :smile:

Both URL’s redirect to the same login page. Anyway I tried with same result.

That means “impossible to connect to ZapaCloud” (my cloud) in spanish

The example I provide is to ensure that the device accepts connections and displays the correct message. It is a practice that the help documentation recommends to ensure that nobody can access your files through an open port. As I said, I can’t access through neither with automatic nor port forwarding mode. I tried first with auto mode and being sure UPnP was enabled in my router but it doesn’t work.

Take profit of the uncut Debian that is inside :slight_smile:

But unleash Debian by changing the repositories is the best way to crash the whole cloud connection…
I think here is your problem hidden.

Hehehe. I’ve gone through that and now I have the lesson learnt. If you search the bricked devices posts you’ll read some of my experience.

I keep the original repositories and the firmware untouched and the device performs very well except from that connection issue.

I’m trying different solutions I see here and there but still stuck. Can’t connect from “outside”. Ideas anybody?

I am having the same problems. I downgraded one of my clouds to 3.04 and unbeknownst to me I thought I was able to access both of my clouds via my iPhone Cloud app (true while on Wifi).

However after finishing my ebook, I logged in from the gym and found that my 3.04 cloud was offline. I thought that my remote switch was just turned off. Got home and watched my 3.04 device was accessible while at home but not remotely.

Tried all the parlour tricks, generating a code, toggle the remote on and off. Started up openvpn and so on.

It seems that 3.04 is not accessible remotely because the new Cloud service doesn’t support 3.04. Is this correct? or perhaps it just needs a script update.

It was mentioned somewhere in one of the recent threads on OS 3 that WD did away with the WebDAV code on the web portal (formerly now Unless one upgrades their device firmware and the associated WD remote apps/software, its shouldn’t be a surprise that the web portal at the very least no longer works properly or at all with older firmware that still relies on WebDAV for remote access.

As such people are faced with a trade off, use the older firmware and have potential trouble with remote access, or upgrade to the OS 3 version firmware and loose the features or modules they had installed on the older firmware but gain remote access.

Edit to add: Here is a post where it is explained why WD dropped using WebDAV and is now using Webfiles for the remote portal.

If that is related to the no connection issue those are bad news :pensive:

The cloud app does work on both the iPhone and iPad locally via wifi. However under the remote section of the cloud it just doesn’t connect to the mycloud server telling it that it available remotely.

I can understand the need for webdav for wd2go, but this is just the mobile phone cloud app with no need for mapping a drive.

It is possible the WD mobile apps may route their data through the portal as a way of creating a secure tunnel there by needing to have the My Cloud updated to the OS 3 firmware because WD dropped the WebDAV coding and went with Webfiles.

Edit to add: It is my assumption that the mobile/remote apps/software does go through the web portal site because one typically has to enter their login information into the app/software in order to see remote My Cloud devices.

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I concur that is possibly a good conclusion :frowning:

I’m still struggling to get my second device to do remote access via the Android app.

It’s set up to use port forwarding (and the Dashboard says that’s working fine). But it gives Error 905 every time I try to connect remotely.

My main device is set up to use relay mode, and that works fine.

Next attempt will be to disable the port forwarding rules on my router to make it use relay mode too. If that fails, I may have to resort to Support… And if it works, I need to report it to Support as a problem anyway…

Turned off the router port forwarding.
Device reported relay mode established, but mumbled about port forwarding.
Reverted to ‘Automatic’ in ‘Cloud Access Connection Options’.
Device reported relay mode established. It stopped mumbling about port forwarding.
Can now access device remotely.

I did try the old ‘turn it off and on again’ trick on the Cloud Access before I did this, so maybe it was that that got things moving again. I’ll try switching back to port forwarding mode…

so what are you saying cpt_paranoia?

are you saying what I hope you are saying that we can have cloud access remotely on fw v03.04? :slight_smile:

and it is just a matter of toggling the switches in a particular order? :stuck_out_tongue: (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A)

Ah, no, sorry: I’m talking about OS3.

My bad.