Red Blinking Lights

Just before Christmas I unplugged my MyCloudMirror from my network as none of my PCs could find it.  Decided today to re-install only to discover that the two drive lights are blinking red.  I have taken the drives out (2 X 2TB which came with the unit) and seated them again but to no avail.

I cannot access Dashboard as it tells me to insert drives.  I cannot reinstall as software stalls (although it discovers the unit of my network) as it tells me to insert drives before continuing. 

I seem to be stuck in a loop.  Only had the unit since last summer so I wouldn’t have thought the drives would have gone just yet, would they?


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Hello there and welcome to the WD community.

This could be a sign that one of the drives could be having problems, have you tried inserting only 1 drive on the bays and see if it lets you boot up? If you try this and does not work i recommend contacting support to see if they can further assist you on this matter:

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