Flashing red lights on My Cloud Mirror

I have a My Cloud Mirror that is out of warranty. Have not really had to rely on it very much, assuming everything was working fine (I am not a tech person, by far). Trying to access the drive today and my computer could not find the device. After review online support, it recommended a 40-sec reset. After this, all LED lights are flashing red. I cannot access my Dashboard. Router is working fine. I need some help and hope that I can retrieve the data on either of the drives.


I would recommend that you power cycle your My Cloud, reconnect the Ethernet cable directly to your computer and perform a 40 seconds reset again.

After that, check that both LEDs, on the Ethernet port behind the device, are illuminated and the top LED is flashing. The top LED indicates when a connection is made. Then ping the IP address of the My Cloud to validate that a connection can be made from the computer.

Thanks, G-Ryan. Unfortunately, this did not work either. I arrive at the
same place, all red and blinking.