Red lights, blue lights, flashing lights, whats going on?

I’ve had my MyCloudMirror for a couple of months now and have had nothing but trouble with it, but until now have always been able to access it on the network.

This morning I noticed 2 red leds!!
then yellow power for a second or so and 1 flashing blue,
Then the 2 red leds turned blue and the power blue one started to flash, then all of them started flashing blue as if there was some sort of activity going on.
Then it goes back to flashing blue power and 2 red static leds again.
This is the cycle its in now, doesn’t seem to want to snap out of it.
Whats wrong?
Is it dead?
What can I do to resolve, there’s no power button so i can’t do a controlled shut down as i can’t access it?

The user manual indicates the unit’s RAID volume is degraded. Are you able to access your unit’s Dashboard even though you can not access storage shares?

No, can’t access anything.
Only thing i haven’t tried is a complete factory reset, which i assume is my only other option, which will lose any data currently on the system?

You can not process a factory reset without Dashboard access unless you had SSH enabled. The reset switch does not perform a factory reset, only a basic reset.

So its completely dead then?
I managed to gain access to the dashboard long enough to select the Full Restore option, but it just doesn’t stay up long enough to do anything. 0% then it just restarts in its own little loop, maybe changes its IP so i can’t find it again and then we are back to no password set, etc.
Never had a NAS that doesn’t allow a full restore from a hardware reset switch, seems completely mad not to have that feature!!!
Can’t access the dashboard, your system is dead, great setup that is?

I’d recommend contacting WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

You an also process a free replacement under warranty on WD’s Support site.

Thanks, I have done, awaiting a reply…

Not particularly quick though, last email from them on the 19th, still waiting for a reply from my email on 20th…!!!
May have to call them.