My Cloud - Blue light continually flashing and device not visible

Hi, I have just bought a 2TB MyCloud device and ran through the normal set up process. It worked the first time and I set up the admin user. I then connected via the app and it asked me to do a firmware update. This failed about 70% of the way through. After that I have not been able to connect to the device at all either on the network or through the app. The blue light was just flashing continually for about 2 hours.

I didn’t think this was right so I tried to start again by carrying out a 40 second factory reset. The blue light flashed for 30 seconds or so and then went red. When I plug the network cable in the light turns blue and is solid. However, I cannot connect to it when I try to run through the setup process again. I also cannot connect via the app or on the network, or through the website but I am guessing this is probably because of the reset.

I then tried turning off and on again, this just means the blue light continues to flash and has done for the last half an hour. There is nothing stored on it so I am thinking this isn’t right.

I might be missing something obvious, is there something else I need to do to connect again after a factory reset? Is there any advice about how I can get it working?

Thanks for any help in advance.

I would highly recommended CALLING WD and asking for an RMA. Don’t use the online tools just call and explain they should be helpful. I think it may of bricked itself during the FW update.

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Thanks, it did seem like something like that. I have tried it through a different router just in case it was the talk talk router but it was the same. I will call WD about it as you suggest. Many thanks.

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard even though the front LED is red? Can you access the My Cloud using SSH even though the front LED is red?

If the My Cloud is out of warranty you could pull the hard drive from the enclosure and attempt to unbrick it. Or if you have the second generation v2.x firmware single bay My Cloud you may be able to recover the My Cloud using a USB boot drive. Do a forum search for “unbrick using USB” or just “unbrick”.

Hi, since I had bought this the day before I took it back and they replaced it straight away. Thanks for the advice.

Took it back to the shop I hope. I wouldn’t want a refurbished RMA for a brand new device that doesn’t work; I’d want a new replacement or my money back.

Hope the replacement behaves; sounds like you had a production lemon/infant failure. It happens in all manufacturing.

No problem I had my drive inside the my cloud fail on my once and they gave me a brand new Gen 2 unit for free although without original packaging. Sorry I couldn’t get a response the forums weren’t working after new years.