MyCloud is not working - No blue led - cannot connect - but drive is running


MyCould is not working. When switching on device, orange/yellow light is on , but after couple on minutes led turns off. (It flashes couple of times during this startup). I can also feed that drive is running and on the backside ethernet light flashes green.

I cannot connect it, not through PC ( windows network or WD software or browser ) or mobile phone (android).

Any ideas ?
I already did 4 sec reset and 40 sec reset.

Could be a couple of things if one cannot reach the My Cloud Dashboard by it’s name or IP address (How to access the Dashboard on a My Cloud (single bay) device). One, the front blue LED color has burned out. Happens to some (search this subforum via the forum search feature), the workaround is to use SSH to edit the firmware to reprogram the LED blue color to something else (usually green). Or you have a v2.x firmware unit that got updated to OS5 v5.x firmware and are now experiencing the dreaded “indexing” issue that renders the unit unreachable. Or the hard drive may have become corrupted or is failing.

My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access Content Indexing FAQ

Also note that if your My Cloud is running OS5 there is a different subforum for discussion issues with that firmware.

My Cloud OS5 Subforums