Solid red light on front of MyCloud

My 2TB MyCloud (about 2 years old) won’t connect. When I disconnect the network cable and power it up, the front LED is solid red. I have tried the 4 second and the 40 second resets.
I did recently switch from ATT Uverse to Charter and have a NetGear R7800 router, but it was working after that switch. Anything to try?

After opening the case and messing with this for a bit, I guess the light is solid white. If I hold the reset button in for more than a minute, it turns bright red. Still looking for some ideas, please.

If it is a bad motherboard, can I get a replacement and will it work? If that isn’t an option, how do I get to the data on the drive?

You will need to contact WD Support ( and open a support case or start an RMA on the unit if it cannot be recovered or unbricked. This forum is mostly a user to user support forum. Do a forum search using the magnifying glass icon upper right, there are a number of threads that discuss how to recover data from the drive. Typically one would remove the hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure and connect it to a PC running Linux or a Windows PC with the proper Linux drivers to read Linux formatted hard drives. Or one could send the drive to a professional data recovery service for data recovery.

Make sure to try a 40 second reset. One can also try one of the various unbricking methods, again search the forum, after backing up the user data from the drive to see if that fixes the issue.