Red LED Front Light & Solid Green Ethernet LED

I am facing an issue with my 3Tb WD MyCloud, here are the details:

  • Solid Red LED in the front Panel.
  • Upper Ethernet LED is solid green (with network cable and without it as well)
  • Ethernet connection to laptop or to router not detecting.
  • When restarted, hard disk sounded okay when starting.

I tried pressing the reset button many times but nothing has happened, the phone support was of no help as well.

All my data are in this drive and I cannot afford losing it.

Has anyone faced such an incident before? Any way to recover without sending for replacement under warranty? I am in Dubai and it’s a hassle from here.


Hi, I’m sorry to read that you have no access to the information in the My Cloud, it seemed like the drive is bricked, however you can try taking the My Cloud apart and connecting it to a Linux computer which should allow you to access the information on the drive. Another alternative would be to contact a professional data recovery company.