WD Mycloud 3tb not booting white led / solid red

Hi! It would be such a problem that there is a 3TB WD external hard drive MyCloud. A few days ago I can not reach. I have noticed that at the beginning of the LED is white / solid red. We got the IP address and port, but not at all I can not connect to it. My guess is that the firmware on it may be damaged. What I did not know it could be remedied, as it may be updated from dashboard that you can not make it right. I removed the hard drive from it, stuck pc, but I do not see anything on it, I suspect something linux based file system. What I have noticed is that when I turn on the Nas, starts to stand up to the system, plug the ethernet lights up both led. Then only one is blinking as if he did not send back any data. It can not be pinged. I do not think that hard drive failure, beautiful voice and spin. Wd RED in it. A solution would be interested to know about taking down the data. Or perhaps something of himself mycloudot improved.

Hi there,

I haven’t tried this, but it would be a good idea to see if you know a person that works with data recovery and is familiar with Linux, Lets see if another user that has tried this can share some useful information or tips.

Read this thread for DIY data recovery suggestions:

For suggestions on repairing the MyCloud operating system, search the forum for ‘unbricking’.