Solid Red Light and Reset does not work


I have personnal Cloud Storage. It worked well at the beginning. But for some time, it shows me a solid red light and I can’t connect to it.

I have traveled many forums and I was recomanded to do a Reset. I try a reset 4s and a reset 40s, but both do not work. I have the impression that the reset does not work at all because my device does not restart after the necessary time.

Please, What can i do ???

If the device is a gen2 My Cloud. The red light can mean no network connection.

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Good point; what are the LEDs on the Ethernet port indicating? Try a different Ethernet cable. Try a different port on the router.

Other possibilities are faulty power supply, or faulty OS, or faulty HDD.

Power supply can be replaced.
Data can be recovered from the HDD if the OS has become corrupt (and then the firmware can be re-installed).
Faulty HDD is pretty fatal; professional, low-level data recovery (expensive, not necessarily successful). Look to replace the HDD and recover data from your backup (or replace under RMA if within warranty).

For Gen1/v4 devices: look for ‘debricking/unbricking’ guides if gen2/v2.

Other possibles:

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Ethernet LEDs is off.

This is my device: 8TB.

Please someone can explain me why reset does not work ??

The Ethernet LED’s are on the back of the device on the Ethernet port. If the Ethernet LED’s do not light up or are not flashing that would potentially indicate there is no network connection. Make sure to connect the My Cloud to the network router (or in a pinch for troubleshooting directly to a computer). Try replacing the network cable. Try connecting the My Cloud to a different port on the router. Worst case is the possibility the network port on the My Cloud is broken/nonfunctional. If this is the case then try contacting WD Support directly.

Did you try any of the cable/router diagnostics I suggested earlier?

Did anything on your network change that caused the MyCloud to stop responding? New ISP? New router?
Did you, for instance, change to using AT&T?

Probably because it’s not a fault that can be resolved by a simple reset. See the list of suggested problems I posted earlier.

Apart from doing resets, what other diagnostics have you tried, with what result?

Hi guys! I have an issue with wd my cloud and would appreciate any aid. I’ve changed disk in wd my cloud 2tb to 3tb and performed unbricking with virgin image. Tryed both, 2tb and 3tb versions. And my device is not starting. After a few seconds ( I guess when device performs hardware check) blue led turns to solid red and nothing else happens. Network card is blinking leds, but i have no acces to device (ssh/web ui). Also, I’ve tryed few power supplyes without any result. Any ideas?

hi fabricia77

your problem is same with me, i was try another LAN cable, plug to another stop contack (electric) but the led still solid red, and i cant acess my dashboard even i try to reset a thousand time.

can u tell what happend now to your WD cloud storage?can you fix it? and please tell me if you make it work, my data is very important

many thanks from indonesia

Hello, i faced the same problem and the solution was to check the internet connection cable. Reconected and all began to work properly.

very correct On my side I forgot to plug in the Lan cable , thanks :))

Hi all,

Similar issue and I’ve tried to digest as much as I can before asking for help.

So we have a 4TB My CLoud Drive from 2015 and it’s gone solid red.
It flashes fast blue for 2 - 3 min then goes solid red. During this time, the Network port flashes for about 1min then goes out and stays out…
We’ve varified and tried the ethernet cables and ports on the switch so it’s a device problem.

My questions are:
~ Will the drive work in any generic NAS controller or does it need to be this board?
~ Has anyone managed to get their board varifed and/or fixed? If it’s just the network adapter, can a replacement board give access?
~ I’m no good with Linux, but used to SSH with other network equipment I install. Is there a way to get into the drive via SSH direct to a PC with crossover cable? I guess I need to default the board and then lookup it’s default IP?
~ If I default the board, is this going to loose access to the drive or files?! That’s the bit I’m most scared of
~ Lastly, I can’t seem to find the correct URL to see what has successfulyl backed up to the cloud, so I’m a bit stuffed there as well. Anyone with the right URL out there?

Thanks everyone.


Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) and search for “unbrick”. There are plenty of discussions on how to restore the firmware to a existing My Cloud hard drive or to a new hard drive that one can then install into the single bay/single drive My cloud enclosure. Note that the directions for unbricking a first gen single bay My cloud (v4.x firmware) is different than the directions for the second generation single bay My Cloud (v2.x firmware).

The single bay/single drive My Cloud hard drive can be extracted (commonly called “shucking”) from the enclosure. it is a standard 3.5 inch SATA desktop hard drive that one can attach to a USB to SATA adapter (or docking station) or to a spare SATA port. One can use the hard drive in another NAS (may loose any data on the drive however), or it can be used as a spare hard drive in a desktop computer. Typically the drives are WD Red hard drives.

Because the My Cloud hard drive is formatted for Linux one will need to use either Linux, a Linux boot disk/USB flash drive, or a Linux driver if using Windows otherwise one will be unable to read the hard drive contents when that drive is connected to the Windows computer. There are a number of free and paid third party Linux drivers one can search for. Popular Linux distro’s like Ubuntu can be burned to a DVD or USB flash drive and used to boot a computer to mount the extracted My Cloud hard drive. The user data is generally stored on the EXT4 partition.

The My Cloud unit can be directly connected to one’s computer Ethernet port. However if the hard drive is failing to load the operating system (or one cannot reach the My Cloud Dashboard) then attempting to use SSH will likely fail since one generally has to enable SSH through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings in order to access the My Cloud using SSH. There may be ways to access a second generation (v2.x firmware) single bay MY Cloud using Telnet however, see various directions for unbricking a second gen for how to possibly access the unit using telnet. For example see these unbrick directions for the second gen single bay My Cloud:

NOt sure what URL you are looking for as the My Cloud doesn’t generally “backup to the cloud”. Normally one would access the My Cloud Dashboard to configure the unit or access the web portal for remote file access.

How to access the Dashboard on a My Cloud (single bay) device

How to Access a My Cloud When Connected Directly to a Computer

`Great feedback, thanks…
I’ll see where I get over the weekend.

Cheers, Dave