Red light of death

So I’ve had my cloud for about 4 years. All of a sudden today it had stopped working and is giving me a solid red light. I’ve done the 4sec reset and the 40sec reset. I’ve tried different cables and letting it cool down. I really don’t want to lose everything that’s on there. What are my options?

Having a backup of your data in case the worst happens is always the best option … but if you don’t have a backup, then a Data Recovery Service is about your only option. (be prepared for $$$)

RED Led is pretty serious

Other than sending the My Cloud out to a data recovery service (and paying a lot of money).

You can try removing the My Cloud hard drive from it’s enclosure and attach it to a computer using a USB to SATA adapter or a USB docking station or a spare SATA port on the computer. Because the My Cloud uses Linux you would need to either use Linux or install a Linux driver to your Windows OS. If the drive is accessible using Linux or a Linux driver you can copy your data off the drive to another location/drive.

I too am experiencing difficulties with my WD Mycloud Drive, I have reset it and it starts to initialize with the white light, blinks for a minute or two, then goes solid, then blinks again and then I get the RED light of death. But when I log into my account online I can see all my content, but the drive wont load properly. What is going on?