Red LED after 40s reset My Cloud - help!

I had been getting loads of messages from My Cloud saying it was unable to sync loads of files.
I couldn’t find any help for this problem. So I decided to do a complete factory reset.
I followed the 40s reset procedure. After a few minutes of the blue LED flashing it eventually stopped with a constantly on red LED. I can find no help on this WD Community, so I did the 40s reset again, with the same result.
I had the Internet connected as explained and the instructions are so simple I know I have folowed them correctly.
Is this the correct way to gain help from WD?
Can anyone help me?

Is this a 1st or 2nd generation My Cloud? Are you able to open the Dashboard? Have you looked at the User Manual?

If you are able to get to the Dashboard then look at Help. See example image below.

The WD My Cloud is s/n WCC7K2XXY9JL with Firmware: 2.30.172 (before I reset it!)

The Dashboard no longer works. I have downloaded it again this morning and re-run it.
After a 40s reset the following is supposed to have been done:
Admin User Name (default = “admin”)
Admin Password (No password by default)
But the Dashboard does not recognize this log in.

I have managed to get Dashboard to operate as if the installation was new.
I have been able to use the “reboot” function found in the drop-down menu at the top RHS when clicking on the silhouet of a person. The blue light flashed for a while, but the red LED has returned.
So I am now going to use the “requested automated support” feature in the Dashboard.

I am going to throw in a guess here.

The red led might be indicating that the disk is full.

There has been a sync problem where it fills your hard drive with hidden files which is probably why the led turns red at about 95%.

If you are able to get to the dashboard then this is a good sign.

  1. First thing to do is map the cloud to your PC/Mac and copy your files to another device. If you already have a backup, that is good.

  2. turn off sync and possibly get rid of it altogether and see whether that might delete the hidden files.
    If not, you may need to SSH into the device to find the hidden sync files under shares. I’m not sure where the sync files may be, search the forum for problems with sync.

  3. if all else fails, re-initialize the device to empty and never ever use the sync again. You might be asking yourself if you don’t use this one feature what else are you going to use? Look around, I’m sure there is another utility that you can sync across to the cloud without using WD poorly designed App. You can also just copy your files over manually.

Good luck.

Hi Ralphael,

I think you are right, it’s just odd, being an old’en, that 95Gb is deamed full, but as you say, it’s nearly full at 95%.

Thanks, I appreciate the help you have given me.

Very many thanks & regards!

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Hi Ralphael,
That was the problem, the red LED was telling me that the disc was full or nearly full.
I re-formatted the disc, as I have a back up of this data on a USB portable drive too.
It took many hours over night, but this morning it was complete and the LED is now blue, so all looks happy.
I shall alter my storage strategy as it looks like sync-storage software can be unreliable in genera, and I haven’t the patience with software.
So thank you for your help, you were “spot-on”!

The WD Sync software is what it is. Quite a few people have problems with it as evidenced by the many discussions in this subforum on that software.

If one does not need to sync their computer to a remote (off site) My Cloud, one can use any number of third party free or paid sync software programs to sync their computer to a local My Cloud. Same goes for backing up a computer. There are a number of free and paid third party backup programs that will backup to a local network My Cloud as well if one does not want to use WD Smartware or Apple Time Machine.

For local network syncing, Free File Sync ( is one popular option. For Windows, SyncToy 2.1 ( is another.

Some third party backup programs:

EaseUS Todo Backup Free:
Macrium Reflect Free:
Paragon Backup and Recovery Free:
Free File Sync (in Mirroring mode):