Red Led flashing on My Cloud


A few days ago my device (My Cloud 4TB) became unavailable and the red led is constantly flashing.
Tried to power off for a while and plug back in but it is the same.
Dashboard not available. Goes to the Safe Mode page and tells me that the firmware is corrupted and to manually load a new one. It does not tell me what the current firmware version is though.

Downloaded the right firmware and tried to upload - the spinner shows up but no progress at all. Browser debugger shows a 404 error saying that the called method does not exist.

Read many posts about this, most were 3-4 years old and about My Cloud EX2 and not about My Cloud, and tried this from different browsers, devices, and computers, With and without debug options as some posts suggested. All the same. The Spinner comes up but the firmware will not upload.

Does anyone have any suggestion or trick for reapplying the firmware? maybe from a USB drive? or can I fudge the safe mode HTML page and call a different method for uploading the firmware?
Is there a solution to this problem?

Many thanks!

Numerous past discussions on red LED on a single bay My Cloud:

Have you tried a 40 second reset?

What version My Cloud do you have? First gen v4.x or second gen v2.x?
How did you attempt to manually update the My Cloud before you got the red led? Using the Dashboard or using some other method?

Hi Bennor,

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Yes, tried the 40 sec reset but still no luck. Led is flashing red.
My device part number ends with -10 so I believe the firmware version is 2.x
The safe mode page doesn’t indicate the current firmware version.

And I did not attempt to manually update the firmware. I just found the drive in this state a few days ago after I realized I cannot connect to its shares.

Many thanks.

One of the reasons that the version -10 has a red light is no network connection.

Thank you.
There is a network connection, I tried plugging it into different network ports, I can ping to it using its IP address from any device in the house (not by hostname) and I can get to the safe mode page from any device too.

I know it’s an old thread but I was wondering if you had found a fix for this as I’m having the same issue. I have pretty much tried everything I can find on the forum with no luck.

For anyone stuck with this issue, I finally found this thread and Luiz instructions fixed it for me. Was close to giving up.

Hi Lynski83,

Unfortunately I was not able to recover from this. Sent the unit to a lab, they said it was physically damaged and asked for some silly amount to recover some of the data. Gave up on it.