My Cloud 4TB purple Led

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I’ve brought my cloud 4Tb yesterday, all working fine, then i’ve made a firmware update and can’t acess any longer to the dashboard, saying that connection timed out, the application is saying that “none WD My Cloud was found”, and i’ve some kind of purple/violet color on my LED, what can I do to solve this prob.? Thanks in advance guys.

---- I try to reset for 40secs.
---- I turn it off for all night.
---- I unistall all software and install again.
---- hardware is located on a fresh area.

If you are on a Windows PC try clicking on Start >Devices and Printers and if you see My Cloud right click on it, then click Properties and the UPnP tab. You should see the My Cloud’s IP (Webpage) address, click on that and see what happens.

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Thanks cat0w for the help,I try your solution but seems that the mycloud dont appears on devices and printers, to update, i install My Net View and the software doesn’t find mycloud, I done the reset for 40secs and let the hardware doing her thing for a couple of hours, nothing new, that purple/violet led still on. The cable is well connected to the router, and in the router menu says that the device is inactive.

I have 2 - 3TB My Clouds and I have had this happen once. The issues seems to be in the Automatic Update of Firmware. After the first time this happened I turned off Automatic Firmware update and have since done them manually.

But after the first time it happend, and I also had the White System Booting light, I let ti run for an hour or so with no indication of anything happening. I unplugged the My Cloud  … waited 10 to 15 seconds after I heard the HDD unwind and then plugged the unit back in. It took 10 minutes or so before I got the Blue light on the front.

If you have uploaded a lot of data and then did the firmware update I would say your My Cloud is trying to handle the software update and initializing the scanning process of all the data. This can take awhile … for sure.

When you setup your My Cloud did you leave everything (In the Dashboard as default … Time Machine, Twonky, Cloud Access, etc.?

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Hello SectorSZ,

Thanks for the feed, answering your question…yes. I’ve let everything with default defs. The only thing I’ve done is firmware update, without any data on it, it’s always the first thing I do with all hardware that I buy, let him do his things alone, reach the 100% and a popup in dashboard was displayed saying that an error ocurred and the mycloud need a reboot, so, let’s do a reboot…purple/violet LED appears, and still on. Now Mycloud doesn’t do anything and seems dead to me. I try a lot of things that i put in my last posts and nothing appears to work on it.

I think at this point I would create a Support Case

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