Red LED on my Cloud, but cannot reset

We’ve had My Cloud ([P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx-00) for a few years but after we moved our house recently and plugged it back in, it hasn’t been working. I’m getting a red LED light. I tried resetting it but nothing happens, it’s not responding. Any thoughts on how I could get it back up and running?

Have you already looked at the User Manual>LEDs?
My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (

Yep, already looked at and it’s suggesting to reset, which I cannot. The back LED is blinking green so it doesn’t seem like a network issue. It does appear to be a critical problem but I was hoping there is a solution known to the community.

I also tried <https://wdmycloud/> to access the dashboard but I get an error message so it might be that WD is no longer supporting MyCloud.