Red blinking light - drive not showing in finder or disk utility


I have a problem with my WD my cloud 2TB (first gen).
Since a few weeks i can’t acces it anymore and the drive has a red blinking light.
The 4 and 40 second reset doesn’t work…

If I disconnect the power supply and connect it again the first 10 seconds i see i blue blinking light, and then it turns to a red blinking light.

Can someone please help me who had the same problem?


Check your router, and router connections (different cable, different router port, clean connections).

Is the router provided by AT&T?

What are the LEDs on the MyCloud network port indicating?

Thanks for the reply, but i already did that.
It’s a modem from the Belgian providor Proximus (I live in Belgium).

I have an extra my cloud that i didn’t use, and this one works fine on the router. So i think it’s a problem with the WD my cloud.


Can I asked what happened on this? I am having the dreaded blinking red light problem on my WD MYcloud home device.

Is the front LED red or the back LED on the network port? According to the My Cloud Home User Manual ( the front LED is a single color only, white.

Also what works to fix a single bay My Cloud unit (the general subject of this subforum) may not work to fix a similar issue on the My Cloud Home. The My Cloud Home is a different device than the My Cloud with different features and options.