How to fix the WD My cloud - 4 TB blinking red color LED light

Hi All,

we are using WD My cloud - 4 TB for backup. Suddenly today morning it was not accessible.
And it started RED color LED blinking in front panel. And we have tried to reset(with power on and 4 secs hold reset button on the back of the unit). But still same problem occurs.

Could any one please help me to fix this issue. because we have very crucial businees datas inside.

Have you looked at the User Manual for your Firmware Version on your My Cloud? Use link below and scroll down to links for the User Manuals. Then check out information for the LED’s.

Hi Cat0W,

Thank you for your response. I went through the manual but there is no information on RED color LED blinking. the below details only available for RED color LED is SOLID.(not for blinking)

Firmware version : WDMyCloud v04.04.04-101

Red Solid
The following circumstances trigger this
• Disk thermal warning threshold
exceeded (under or over temp)
• Ethernet cable not connected

Red Solid

The following faults trigger this state:
• Disk SMART failure
• Data volume does not exist
• System volume does not exist
• System thermal shutdown (75 C)

Please advice.

same problem here, did you solve it?

I have the same problem. Nothing successful. Could you fix your problem? I am not able to see anything even dashboard.
Could you fix it?

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I have same problem. Has anyone fixed this? Is there any way back? Mine blinks blue and then blinks red (on front).

I am joining. My old faithful MyCloud just decided to stop serving files. It cannot be accessed by any means via my network. A blinking RED light is displayed on the front, unplugging the device makes no difference.
I should also add that I have a MyBook attached to it (for backups).

I assume there is no way to access the files on the Mycloud diretly by connecting to a computer somehow?

Can I connect the MyBook to a computer and see the files that have been backed up?

Thank you in advance.