Recently Purchased a WD My Cloud Network HDD


I’m new to the forums - thanks for having me.

As my subject title suggests - I recently bought a My Cloud Network Drive. I am happy extremely happy with the device however I have one problem; I am unable to change the folder icon for documents stored therein.

I have done some research but at present have been unable to find a definitive answer

With regards to this issue would someone be so kind as to point me in the right direction please?

Thank in advance 

I am unable to change the folder icon for documents stored therein.

What file browser are you using?

Hi cpt_paranoia,

Thank you for getting back to me. I don’t currently access the device through a browser preferring instead to use windows explorer.

Which leads me to my other query: which way is the default/proper way to access My Cloud? Web browser, Win explorer, My Cloud desktop program; I will need to make the effort and do a little reading myself in order answer this.

Here is what I see through Explorer:


  • N.B Additionally there is a Folder named with an I.P address where I can also access My Cloud docs.

  • I select the “WDMYCLOUD” folder; represented here by a monitor icon.

  • I am then presented with the contents of the drive.

  • Right clicking on any of these folders in order to the icon provides me with the following properties menu with the change icon option missing (highlighted in orange).


I have never used this but it appears it is only supported on local disks. I just tested this on my PC and a shared folder on another PC and it won’t work with the Windoes shared folder either

windows limitation, not mycloud issue 

Windows File Explorer is a file browser…  It’s not a web browser, though…  It’s the access method I’d recommend using for all local network access.

I suspect you will be unable to apply folder icon properties to a remote disk, because Windows doesn’t ‘own’ the disk; the MyCloud does.

Thanks to the both of you for your replies.


Yes that’s what I was alluding to in regards to browsers. Are you suggesting it’s best to access My Cloud content through a web browser as opposed to win explorer/My Cloud Desktop app?

Is there any work around to this - through security &/or permissions?

Once again, thank you for your help.

Okay, to be completely clear:

  • do not use Internet Explorer

  • do not use any other web browser

  • do not use the WD App unless you are accessing remotely (‘Cloud access’)

  • for local access, use Windows File Explorer.  You can create Windows drive mapping for all or parts of the MyCloud file system.

I’ve just played with my XP File Explorer to test the folder icon control.

I can change the MyCloud NAS icons in any folder View, but the only View that uses that icon is Thumbnails.  All other Views use the default folder icon.

One can use WinSCP which is free and has a split screen which is nice.  The only catch or issue is that when using it on W7 at least the Group/Owner changes after a C/P but that can easily be changed using a Properties drop down menu which will show the previous/original Group/Owner.