Icon for device in Windows Explorer under "network" takes me to the configuration web page

Title pretty much says it all. When I click on the icon for my MyCloud 4TB in Explorer, it just takes me to the configuration page in my browser. I’m 99.9% sure it’s a problem with my computer since I can still access it on my laptop and the problem didn’t begin until after I recovered from an incident with my PC. But I’ve tried every thing I can think of and I’m at my wits end, so perhaps there is something at fault in my MyCloud.

I almost forgot. I’m using Windows 10. Router is an old POS I bought at a second hand store for $5 when I was a starving student.

This can be normal and expected depending on which icon is the one you are opening. The unit can be displayed twice; one as a regular Windows network resource, and the other icon representing the WD My Cloud itself. The second icon will open the Dashboard, and should allow you to access the unit with a right-click.

There is only one icon displayed and when I right click and select either “mount public share” or “open”, nothing happens.