WDMyCloud : Windows driver... What?

Hi there.

I have a little problem. I have tried to install a WD MyCloud on my network and it doesn’t work. When I dubble-clic on my WdMyCloud on my computer / network, it launch automatically a Chrome page to go to the Dashboard on the website (when I can put my id) but it doesn’t open “Public files” like an external random storage do. So… i can’t acces to mycloud to charge files.

If I right-click on the cloud i have this :

Like Windows will install…a storage? And, obviously, it didn’t work cause there no drivers.

Sorry for my terrible english, i come from France. I’ve searched some topics on this website but anyone has the solution (and the message are old) so i think maybe someone, now, know how to fix that. I will be very thankfull and happy then…

First if you haven’t done so, read the My Cloud User Manual (https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904). It explains the difference between accessing the Dashboard and accessing the files on the My Cloud.

Second, you are selecting the wrong My Cloud icon in Windows File Explorer. You want to select the My Cloud icon listed under the Computer section after selecting Network in Windows File Explorer. See screen capture below. The My Cloud icon you want to select to access the files on the My Cloud are the one’s indicated in red.

It is generally a good idea to “map” My Cloud Shares to one’s computer. See the following WD Support document for more information on mapping Shares.


Hello, wanna ask about NAS. Looked one for myself and found Western Digital 3TB My Cloud Personal.
Is it good model for small business or better look for something else?

A suggestion. Start a new thread asking your question since you apparently do not have a My Cloud device. This thread discussion is for an issue specific to those who already have a My Cloud device and are having issues seeing it on their local network.

Note that the single bay/single drive My Cloud is intended for personal use, or even limited home office use. It is not an enterprise class or even business class network attached storage device. The single bay My Cloud units have very limited features than the more expensive multi bay My Cloud models that are often designed and intended for business/office use. Don’t even bother with the My Cloud Home line since that is different than the My Cloud line and has arguably fewer features than the single bay/single drive My Cloud has.