Reading Configuration Information

Hey All,

I rebooted my mycloud over ssh as it originally didnt mount a usb stick.
Big mistake. After a bit of researching i believe on reboot the twonky config/ cache files get rewritten.
But is this what affects the access to dashboard?
At the moment i cannot connect to my dashboard just a get a message saying reading configuration information.

I can access all my data via unc from my pc / ftp over the web so no total loss. But i do actually like the wdmycloud app on my pc so i can stream stuff. over the web At the moment its not connecting to my my-cloud, i presume because of the reasons above?

So my question is, is there anyway around this / fix upon a reboot. Or is a reboot a total no no ?

Several people have reported this problem of reading configuration hang. I would like to know why WD can’t fix this. Its there code. They should know just what is happening when this message is displayed.
I wonder if the problem is that they are outsourcing the code overseas?


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Reboot will restart the indexing and thumbnailing processes, which slug the performance. Twonky rescan isn’t too bad.

Sometimes, I’ve found closing the browser window and opening a new one gets past the config hang.

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I rebooted my mycloud over ssh as it originally didnt mount a usb stick. [/quote]
Is the USB stick still in the My Cloud post reboot where you experienced the Dashboard hang? If so remove it, reboot the My Cloud, let the My Cloud completely boot to a blue LED then try the Dashboard again.

Some have reported problems when rebooting their My Cloud with USB devices still attached.

Are you on a Windows PC or Apple? If Windows how did you try to open the Dashboard? Did you use the desktop icon? If you did then try this, do a right click on the icon, select Properties and under the Web Document tab see what the URL is. You can copy and paste this in your browser address bar and try it to see if it will open your Dashboard.

I don’t know if this will help or not but once you get the Dashboard back you may want to save your system configuration under Settings>Utilities. See image below. More info on this can be found in the Help(?) of the Dashboard.

Click, tap or activate image to enlarge it.


I’m on windows connecting by static ip which is have allocated by dhcp from my router
I tried to do a reset by holding the reset button for 40 secs and forcing it to rebuild firmware. Which has helped me in the past.How long does this take? I can ping the device and see some my shares but i cannot ssh or ftp onto the device.
Not feeling food about this!

Any advice guys before i throw this in the bin ?

its just frustating that it cannot just perform a simple reboot without any issues!

If you have done a 40-second reset, this will disable both SSH and FTP, so, unless you have re-enabled them from the Dashboard, I wouldn’t expect them to work.

This is described in the user manual. It doesn’t ‘rebuild the firmware’; it does a ‘system-only restore’.

My advice: wait for it to sort itself out. Don’t keep resetting it. What is the front panel LED doing?

currently solid blue led.

Guys also. I was wondering if it was possible to start ssh via the rest-api available through a browser?
Temporarily can get me started.