Rapidly blinking blue LED and no access?

Dear WD Community
For some days my WD MyCloud 4TB has been blinking rapidly blue on the front LED and I can’t find the drive on my Mac with high Sierra. I tried the 4s reset as well as the 40s reset several times with no result. Still rapidly blinking blue.
Any idea what is wrong and how I could access my Cloud again. Would be a shame to loose all my extensive bird and nature photography
Thanks for any advice and a sunny autumn weekend to all

Hi DanielSolinger,

As the My Cloud power LED is blinking blue, the file system check process is occurring and it must be allowed to complete before the unit can enter the Powered on and Ready phase. It is required to allow the file system check to complete. You can have a look on below KBA for more details regarding this concern:

Hi Brandon
Thank you for your reply. It is exact the same wording as the WD Support is giving me. And yes, I have read the manual and know about the file system check. But 5 days? Really?
But it is now over 120 hours that the LED is blinking blue. Please tell me that this is still normal …?!!
Otherwise I think it is time to contact a data recovery specialist.

I’ve never seen a filesystem check take days. My Dlink-323 takes about 2 hours to do a filesystem check with hundreds of thousands of files.

Same problem here:
PR2100; blue flashing led; disappeared off my LAN about 2 weeks ago, can’t find it on any IP range with various IP scanners; ‘unreachable’ when it does rarely get found; RJ45 leds very active; fan roaring constantly; no sign of being found, and no hope of any dashboard.

You should contact the Western Digital Technical Support about this concern: