Constantly flashing Blue Power LED

My WD Cloud Mirror has a constantly flashing blue power LED. I have tried resetting it using the 40-seconds paperclip method a number of times and then leaving it for a good period of time, but it seems to make no difference. I must admit I am not sure exactly when the problem started - I noticed that I wasn’t able to connect to it and then on closer examination noticed the flashing light. I did a full restore (i.e. deleted all data) and it may have happened at that point.

I link a not particularly exciting video of this.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help.


Are you able to access the dashboard of the drive?

Thank you very much for your response.

I cannot access the dashboard.

I have used the links at the KB 13989 and neither work. I have also gone into my router (Sky Hub) and looked to see if there is an IP address there for the WD MyCloud. However the MAC address of the device is not present, so there is no connection.

Again thanks for your help.

(I have now entered a support ticket btw).


Very much appreciate your help, and thank you for the link to the KB. Unfortunately the drive has now been on about 24 hours with the same LED flashing and no way of accessing it. I am content to wait longer, but I suspect this is not a normal process.

Thanks for your help.

(I have now entered a support ticket btw).