MyCloud Led blinks, Fan is at 100% and Dashboard not available for more than 24h after startup

Equipment: WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra 6TB

Hello there,

I set up my MyCloud last Friday and the first two days everything was working fine. Yesterday morning the Cloud woke up like the two past days before, but instead of being available after a minute it seems to be stuck in the boot mode. The fan is working at 100%, the power button is blinking blue quickly. I can’t reach the cloud over the dashboard or ftp since then. So what to do? Pull the plug or keep waiting?

Thanks in advantage!

Hi type-hype,

Blue blinking of My Cloud’s Power LED indicates that the File System Check process is occurring. The File System Check process must be allowed to complete before the device can enter the Powered ON and Ready phase, indicated by a solid blue power LED. It is recommended to allow the file system check to complete. You may refer below article for further details about this concern: