Question - WD My Cloud Home - Login Service Unavailable

I have installed the Mac WD My Cloud Home software and every time I try to log in it gives me - Login Service Unavailable. I uninstalled it and installed it many times and am still facing the same problem. Is anyone facing the same problem and have you found a solution? I know this service will not be available in June but we are still in March.


Try this link and see what happens.
My Cloud (

This is only the web login page, I am able to log in from there. I am trying to log in with the Mac OS app. Install_WD_Discovery_for_Mac.dmg This one i cannot log in. It keeps giving me “Login service unavailable”.

Hasn’t it been shut down with local access for LCH now?

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Not till June 2023

This has been answered in many threads with some varying success reported both for macOS and Windows. WD Discovery has not been given full access permission to folders in some installations and versions of OSes …

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The link you gave me goes to the newest version of the WD Mac software. I found a solution finally to get to the files on the WD without the software and without the website.
Check this YouTube video How To Map a WD My Cloud to your Mac - YouTube
You can connect from your Mac using the IP of the WD my cloud home. It works perfectly.