Unable to connect locally (WD Discovery, login service unavailable)


Greetings! Past few days, I have troubles connecting to my My Cloud Home device via the WD Discovery. I am able to access it throught the Android app, and through https://mycloud.com/

I get the following error message: https://i.imgur.com/h59nVax.png


Hello, I am experiencing this issue as well. I have WD Discovery installed on a couple devices. When it first happened I was unable to login, but reinstalling the software fixed the problem. Now I’m dealing with the same problem on a different device and nothing seems to help.

Logging in on the app or website works fine. For me it says ‘‘sign-up service not available’’ under the password section if I try to login. I would like a solution, because for me the drive is currently unusable.

WD Discovery: v. 3.0.384 and My Cloud Home: v.


@decal08 @Lean058 please retry your logins again


I tretried logging in again just now, and encountered the same error in the first post.
‘Internal server error’ is also displayed below the username/password section of WD Discovery.

WD Discovery V3.2.256
My Cloud V1.5.0.84


@decal08 OK thanks…we’ve been able to identify the “Login Service Not Available” issue and are working on the fix.


Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the fix!


Please to fix it asap because this error is blocking the usage of the device. The issue is dated to 3 days ago and is still persist.