Public Folder Missing

Hello everyone,

I have read that a public folder should be available to be used by SMB, but I have not that folder…

I have attached a picture below of my folders, accessing from the webpage app, and as you can see there is not a public folder (neither I know how to create it).

I would need that folder to access from kodi.

Thank you by your help.

Hi borpeza,

This topic has been discussed many times on the forum.

Correct: the public folder will allow you to connect many devices simply using SMB protocol and bypassing application credentials. I personally use this method to access my files from the local network using my Mac or my Windows computer. I also used to map Kodi from my smart TV to a sub-directory of the public folder.

The major limitation is the fact that your public folder will never be displayed using your web WD cloud access, your iPhone/Android application, or the dedicated Windows application. You have to mount it locally!

You can find all the documentation here;

Hope it helps!