Why Don't I Have A Public Folder?

My new My Cloud Home Duo which I’m accessing on Mac does not appear to have a public folder. How do I set this up? For context, I’ve included an image of only what I can see now.

Have to say, so far I’m not impressed with the user friendliness of the My Cloud Home Duo. I have some former generation WD products which were simple plug and play, but they have been made so needlessly complicated.

Any help to resolve my issue would be appreciated.

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@Steve8786 Have you already looked at the User Manual?


If you can’t find what you are looking for there, check out the Knowledge Base.


Yes, and none of them answer my question.

HI, Did you get a solution for this?? I’m having the same problem and its driving me crazy, can not find my public folder in my cloud home device using Mac

You can use the public share via SMB. It is meant for system backup on windows. Use smb://mycloud-xxxxxx.local/Public

However, I guess they want you to use the WD Discovery features with a private user space and now you can share folders among private space users.

I agree it makes things more complicated and less reliable in the end than standard protocols.

Uffff Austin, thanks a lot, you really made my day, I could get in and now appears on my Mac the public folder.


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