Public, Private ... confused at the structure


I was on the phone with WD Tech support for about an hour trying to figure out why when I copy files from my Mac Hard Drive(s) onto my My Cloud Home drive via the Mac OS Finder, it was taking HOURS and it would never complete the full transfer. It never transfers the entire contents of the folder.

Finally, they told me that because my folders are “Private”, I’m not able to see them in the Finder/Discovery App (which is not true … I see them in both) nor am I able to transfer files from my computer to the My Cloud Drive.

He told me that in order to use the drive the way I want, I need to create Public Folders. I went onto the drive, my cloud .com, and the discover app and there is no indication anywhere I can see that delineates between and private and public folder nor can I see any place to specifically create a folder that is labeled PUBLIC or PRIVATE.

When I click onto my Finder Window sidebar (“MyCloud-XXXXX”), I see a folder named TimeMachineBackup. I did not create this folder. I click on it and the Finder returns an error saying that that folder cannot be found.
Also, I cannot create a folder when I click on that sidebar icon. Presumably, when I click onto that drive in the sidebar, that’s the Public space?

I’m confused as to why I’m unable to simply drag folders/files from my Mac OS Finder onto the drive like I would with any other drive.

The problem is especially bad when trying to update Folders/Files with the same name. I’ll choose to “REPLACE” the old versions on the MyCloud drive and it’ll “prepare to copy” for about 5 minutes … then start to copy … then when it’s finally done, the folder contents are incomplete.

It’s really frustrating.

Tech support is now telling me again to call a tech and ask for a Level 2 technician. It’s been about 2 months of dealing with this.

Firstly: how do I create a specifically “PUBLIC” folder on my drive so I can simply drag and drop folders/files normally?

Secondly: how do I define the status of a folder (public vs. private)?

Any help is appreciated.

Please check out this thread over here on the speed issue involving Private User Space vs Public share and how you can improve the speed, sometimes by 100X. Teracopy for the Mac is available, for free for non-commercial use.

My Cloud Home (MCH) actually creates two Public shares, one SMB and one AFP for the Apple Timemachine and both can be seen by a file explorer such as Finder. You don’t have to create the Public shares if WD Discovery is working properly which unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t with new updates and new macOS such as big sur. In that case you can try on your mac enter CMD+K (connect server) there you add “smb://my local IP” and it should connect. You can do the same for afp. The ‘my local IP’ for the MCH can be found by going to your router and look up the client list for DHCP.