Public Share for Video streaming, Kodi


On this WD Support page it mentions that

Blockquote "The My Cloud Home Public Share is designed and implemented for Windows File Backup. It is not designed for local LAN storage access. Although is can be accessed on Windows and macOS, it was not designed to be used as local LAN storage. Please use WD Discovery and the User Private Space for your My Cloud Home content storage needs."

I want to use Kodi and add my MCH to its directory via SMB protocol and NOT DLNA via Plex (because it uses extra CPU power and whatnot). The only way Kodi can access the MCH (from what i’ve read) is via the SMB protocol which is only for the Public Share folder.

Why does WD note that it does not recommend storing files for local LAN access? What issues can come if I plan to store my movies (very large files, ~30GB each) on the Public drive as apposed to my private space?

This normally means someone in design and marketing intended use of the product.
I store my music in the Public Share so that I can access locally with Sonos system.