Help ! my cloud home

Hi peeps im a total newbie at networking and nas drives so please excuse if im expecting to much from my cloud home. i have a few questions.

First off i tried to phone WDs help line and the guy just read off whats on the FAQ page !.

1 Do i have to have multiple copys of a file. ie one in public and one on plex shared folder.
2 How long shold it take to upload a file onto this drive
3 and how do i acess my public folder when im out of my house.

Many thanks

Most of your questions are explained in the user manual, so If you haven’t looked in your MC Home to see if it is in there. If you can’t find it, then download it from WD

Sorry, not going to do your homework for you!

  1. Plex folder is under user’s files, so only one user can access it. If you wanna share something for everyone, and watch it on plex at the same time, you have to copy that file in plex folder and public folder too! Or you can give your mycloud username and password to another one!
  2. In real test, I cloudn’t reach more than 50mb/s of read speed on this device! Now you can have a vision about write speed by yourself!
  3. It’s not possible to access public folder out of your local network. In fact there is not any feature on my cloud home for this. but there are some ways if you are a advanced user in networking (like VPN and…)

If your not going to say anything useful to a complete beginner to this device why do you even bother…you don’t even have a MyCloud home

I think telling the OP to check the user manual is the best tip I could give him,

You need to visit the Learning Center, , watch the videos, read the User Manual and perform searches in the Knowledge Base.