Public Folder Question

I’m having a hard time finding this folder though my PC. My PC show it as a drive under This PC and under network it shows MY Cloud under my PC’s name. I’ve also noticed that My Cloud is not showing up under Media devices or other devices. Some of my android devices using kodi can see the public folder using SMB. Can I copy files to this folder from my PC?

The following articles will help navigate the MCH

I opened file explorer and typed \MYCLOUD-xxxxxx\Public.
Do the files in this folder get saved the same way as the files created through the app?

No they do not.
Public Folder is local LAN (Samba) only access and cannot be accessed using the Client Apps or remotely.
Also, content in the Public Folder will not be indexed or have thumbnails generated by the My Cloud Home.

Looks like I’m stuck with Plex. Which will be fine. Tizen doesn’t work with it but it’s just an excuse to get another Nvidia shield TV lol. Thanks for the reply.