File explorer and Mobile app alignment - Win10

Hello All,
i bought a new 6tb My cloud home today.
I’ve got it working in Windows 10 - it’s visible as a network drive and it’s also assigned a drive letter.
I’ve uploaded a folder with some photos to the My cloud drive in File explorer on the laptop.

when i then look on the My Cloud Phone App, the folder and photo contents are not visible.
Surely it works with both file explorer and the contents visible on the remote access app.

Appreciate your help on this one , got me stumped a bit.

Only the ‘Private User Space’, the folders in the assigned drive (usually Z:) can be seen online and in your phone app. The shared network space (MYCLOUD-XXXXXX) is public space and can be seen in the local LAN network but not online.

Thank you for your reply…

i must of done something wrong with the initial setup ??
under “This PC” in file explorer , thats where i mapped the drive and called it S: (for Storage)
i’ve got public (\mycloud-******) (S:)

Under the network section in file explorer, i’ve got Mycloud-****** listed there , but double click it and it just says public.

when i added something to S: it appears in both those locations, but not visible on the remote App…

I’ve got no “private user space” in file explorer , and I’m probably missing other things if i set it up wrong…

thanks for your help, appreciate it…

@Brad79 you’ll need to install WD Discovery to access the Private User Space on the My Cloud Home from your local computer.

Great , thank you…
that sorted it…

i now have the my cloud home Z: on “this PC”
and the mycloud-****** public, listed in the network.