WD My Cloud Home - LAN / Public folder access issue

Hi there,

I’ve recently got a My Cloud Home, and according to the website it has:

  • Private User Space (online via mycloud.com & apps)
  • Local Area Network Share (LAN)

I have no issues accessing the online storage, however no matter what I try I cannot get the LAN share to show up. Apparently it should automatically show up in the network tab (Windows), but it doesn’t.

I was able to find the device’s IP address, and when I enter it directly in File Explorer it actually goes to the correct local public folder, but that’s not exactly an ideal and reliable method for everyday use.

What am I doing wrong?

Exactly the same problem. I used to access my WD Cloud drive contents directly from my android media player. It would show all directories and files. Now, with WD My Cloud Home, I see the Public folder, but nothing in it. The same contents show up in the app, however. But I want to access the drive as a network share from anywhere.

Assuming Windows 10?

THANK YOU! :heart:

Re-enabling the SMB Client in Windows 10 Features solved this!

Yes… thanks a lot! That did solve the problem in Win 10. However, on Android, I still haven’t been able to solve the issue. Please see the attached screenshots. The public folder is still appearing empty. How to solve this issue?

MYCLOUD-XXXXX/Public is a local network share via SMB (Samba)
The My Cloud Home mobile app and WD Discovery cannot see this share.
It can only access the User Private Space.

So then how do I access the files using my android devices? The public folder looks empty on my phone, whereas the public folder on the WDC Home has lot of files.

I have set up a VPN connection in my router. I access my file though 3rd party app such as “File Commander” (local network). NOT My Cloud app.

I am really disappoint to WD MCH. I want my money back or give me back My Cloud.

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Hi everyone

I bought a “my cloud home” a few days ago and I have a problem with * Local Area Network Share (LAN).

13 users have access to it via LAN. when I turn it on almost all devices can access its public folder. but after a while, a few devices lose their connection and when I try to reestablish the connection, even though I still have its ping, I get the following message in network section:

“the folder you entered does not appear to be valid. please choose another.”

how can I fix this problem?

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The following article may be helpful

this video help me to access public folder in pc and android explorer