Public Folder not found anymore

Hi all,

Since a couple of days I cannot access my Public Folder via the Windows Explorer nor my SmartTV anymore (this used to work).

It says that the network address cannot be found and when I list the network components in the Windows Explorer nothing is found.

Anybody a hint for some troubleshooting?

@vongpjes Have you rebooted the My Cloud Home? The Public Share is SMB Samba and reside on the same hard drive as the User Private Space. Can you see and access content using in a webrowser? My Cloud Home mobile app? WD Discovery? If you can access the Private User space, the issue may be on the Windows Networking side,

The problem was again the Internet Security Software (this time BitDefender).

I had to deactivate the “Stealth Mode” in the Software. See for more information (I didn’t have to add the Rules however).