Network discovery/sharing

So this product is frustrating to say the least.

I have the “my cloud” personal 6TB connected to my router. I have Desktop machine that can see the My cloud on the network and has automaticaly mapped the drive. Under the mapped view I can see the folders but under the NETWORK view I can only see the public folder which is empty. When I log into my cloud online or on mobile i can see the folders and files i have uploaded to the device but not see the public folder? What gives

Then it gets worse. I go to my laptop, connected on same network over wifi. I can see my cloud on NETWORK and see the public folder which is empty, but I cannot see the folders and files i have on the device nor can I map to it as I can’t see them.

Windows 10 running on both machines. Surely I should be able to see all folders and files on any device on the network?

You may have to turn on/enable “SMB 1.0 CIFS File Sharing Support”. To do this go to Control Panel in Windows, select “Programs and Features”, then select in left pane “Turn Windows features on or off” then find “SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support” and make sure there is a check in box. Click OK and you may have to reboot.