Public Local Folder and Remote Folder Questions

I just got a 6tb WD MyCloud Home and have it setup on my local network.

There are a few things that don’t seem clear from the documentation. I have 2 users which are registered and I understand that any folders that need to be visible across the two accounts need to be shared.

The WD program installed on the Win10 machine provides a new drive letter, but syncing to this with rclone is horribly unreliable and slow. I assume this is because the device does some fancy cloud footwork and doesn’t really allow local access to the device directly… Or there might be some more data mapping that takes place. In any case, there is another way to access the device, which is through the Network section on Windows/Linux and a /Public folder is visible here, which is not accessible through the online account or visible on the app/mapped drive.

My question is, does anyone have any way to tell what the overall file/folder structure is for this setup? Is it something like:

│   └───Photos
│   └───Photos
│       └───Shared_trip_photos

Is there any way to access all the folders on the device or does it use maybe something similar to TrueNAS/Unraid where shares are created under a given volume and those cannot be access across accounts?

My issue is that performance to the mapped drive is quite poor while performance to the Public folder is excellent so when trying to move content from my pc/laptop to the mycloud drive (especially to the plex folder) this is highly unreliable/slow. Syncing hundreds of gigabytes of pictures is even worse with 100gb taking well in excess of 5-6 hours to the letter drive and under 1 hr to the public local network folder (the problem being that this is obviously not visible).

Just for clarity its the 6tb device I have, it’s running 7.13.1 and it connects directly to the router (and so does the desktop it is syncing from).