Private Share Folder Required Password When There's None In Windows Explorer

Does anyone have this problem or how to permanently fix this?

So, I’ve just added a second user to my EX4.  Also, I made a non-Public folder called Private to keep it private and accessible only to me (admin).   However, when I try to access this Private folder from Windows (8.1, 64-bit) Explorer, it asks for user/password.  The problem is I didn’t set password to this folder.  What I found a temporary solution to this problem, through research on this forum, is by enabling Private folder to be “public”  then switch it off again in the Shares tab in the Dashboard.  By doing this, it allows me access to the folder in Windows Explorer.  However, when I close Windows Explorer and open it again, Windows asks for user/password.  It’s kind of annoying to keep having to log into EX4 through the Dashboard to switch Public option ON and OFF everytime I need access to this Private folder.  So, does anyone know a permanent fix to this I’d be greatly appreciated?  Thank you.

I am confused with regards to certain parts of your post. If the folder is Private, the it should ask for a password. The Share itself doesn’t keep a password, but rather it accepts the passwords from Users authorized to access said share.

For example, let’s say we have Jack, Joe and Billy. Jack and Joe have been granted permissions to access a Private folder, but not Billy. The folder should accept Jack’s and/or Joe’s password, but not Billy’s. 

Thanks for replying.  I guess what I’m trying to convey is that the folder Private’s Public option (or as the matter of fact any folder in the root directory like SmarWare and TimeMachineBackup) when switched to OFF under “Shares” tab requires me (admin) to input user/password when I did not set restriction to myself.  And this happens when using Windows Explorer trying to access it already logged in as Admin account.  I’ve tried entering user/passwd combination of the Windows account that I’m logged in, but it’s still not working.  When I switch the option back to ON, I can access Private folder.  Now, even when I switch the option to OFF, I still can access this Private folder.   Interestingly, at this point, when closing Windows Explorer and reopening it would I be required to enter user/password.  Remember this is happening to me as the account administrator which I have full Read/Write permission.  I hope I’ve explained it clear enough.

Faced with the same problem.

There is a folder to which you want to have personal access, Use Windows 7. Using “WD My Cloud”, installed on your computer, I can log in the personal folder, but I need it to have access to the folder on the device via windows Explorer. Also requests the username and password - but enter the password of the account admin WD My Cloud does not open the access to the folder.

Is there a solution??? :(

Same problem for me!!

When trying to access a newly created Private Share from within Windows Explorer I get asked for the network password.  No matter what combination of username-password I use, access is denied.  There seems to be a number of posts on here with the same issue - can someone at WD please provide a solution?