PR4100 will NOT reboot itself after firmware update

I’ve had the pr4100 for four years now, it has not once properly restarted after a firmware update. The display will say “System Rebooting” but never does. Waited an hour for it to restart but never did. Anyone else experience this? Is there a fix someone could suggest?

Thank you

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Same here… Disable autoupdates and go manually, WD QA dept is a joke…

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It did not work me. It installed the update and then was blocked with “System rebooting” message.

I was thinking that perhaps, the new firmware is only completely installed after rebooting. Maybe the boot has to fail just once after the update but as of now, it will wor…


It’s still using the old firmware till after the reboot

Facing same issue - NAS drive did aoto update of firmware - than display said “Rebooting” for many hours - I powered it down and started up again - now display says “welcome to mycloud etc” - Power light is blinking green steadily - been like this for 8 hours - harddrive lights are stead on no blinking - cannot access dashbord - fan is on - did 4 sec reset and 40 sec reset - nothing happened - it did not even reboot on its own. How to get data of this unit - can I buy another identical NAS and plug the drives into that

I have the same problem

Well yes you can but it’s a bit soon to be so desperate!
You need to not panic and be systematic
For example:
Can you ping it?
Log in via ssd?
Connect to public share?

No cant ping it - it wont connect to network - it wont finish booting - cant log in via ssd - cannot connect to public share - its bricked

You’ll need to remove power from the unit to force a shut down, wait a few minutes, insert the power again and then you may need to press the power ON button if the unit does not power on itself. YES this is not the best method and yes you’ll get blinking BLUE LED until the file system check (fsck) process completes.

For those that have not updated the firmware yet:

  • power off the unit
  • power on the unit
  • manually update the firmware and it should reboot and come up on it’s own

“System Rebooting” message displayed on My Cloud LCD Screen

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Even power off and power on then quickly updating doesnt 100% guarantee that it wont hang on rebooting (with firmware prior to the latest release)

That said I have 4xPR4100 which I just put onto the new firmware. I rebooted each of them twice with the new firmware while running various apps and not a single hang. That would NEVER in a million years have happened with previous firmware. So I think the problem really is solved this time.

what if you power it back on and you can’t access the device through the browser and the LED message says “firmware update failed”

The solution is to press and hold the power button on the front of the NAS to power it off forcefully, wait until disks and fans have all stopped and then press the power button again to power it up.

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This we know, but it does not help you when you are 2 hours ride away from the unit. I would be really in favor of disabling autoupdates and do them only when in physical vicinity of the unit, otherwise you may be in for a nasty surprise.

are you saying we should Force a Shutdown before doing any manual Firmware upgrade,
or is “Force a Shutdown” a suggestion to recover from the “System Rebooting” problem?

Just wanting clarification … appreciate your time and input.