PR4100 stuck in "System rebooting..." after last firmware update

After automatic firmware update the PR4100 is stuck in reboot, there is “System rebooting” on LCD display of unit, and power LED is blinking.
There is no disc activity in NAS.
Urgent advice is appreciated.

Ditto here. Happened across 3 separate PR4100 units. All stuck at the rebooting stage. Use extreme caution on this update.


Our apologies for the inconvenience

My PR2100 has done that for the last 3 firmware updates. It never has rebooted successfully actually.

I generally give it 15min and then push and hold the power button until it shuts off and then restart it.

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Fixed by forced reboot. However I would appreciate some testing prior to firmware release on WD side.


Yup, happened to me also while I was away on vacation. :disappointed:

Will teach me to enable Automatic updates.

Hi Guys,
Chose a WD PR2100 over Qnap and Synology for the OS ease of use. Upon signing into their dashboard after a day of ownership I applied the firmware upgrade and it wouldnt reboot after 15 minutes so i force rebooted the system. Now it loads up with red button and wont load up or mount.

Tried all the factory restart methods with no success. Zero tech support in Australia.
Cant trust this unit with my data and zero help. Extremely disappointing.

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Fan is running normal. The problem is with WD firmware being buggy upon further forum reading.
What really gets me is ZERO tech support for Australians. Actually states not available in Australia.
Can’t trust my data and up-times with this poor quality testing.

Rang up store and they said they will test the problem and look at exchanging.

Still waiting for WD to even contact me… Poor service.


Hi, I have the same problem, Did you fix it? I will appreciate any help


Since the last 2 or 3 updates my PR2100 didn’t rebooted successfully. My last update was for version V2.31.174. The update started on 03h00, at 11h45, I pushed and hold the power button until it shuts off and then restart it.

Had this same issue and rebooted via instructions above, but now my PR4100 is not visible from any of my Windows PC’s.

The Plex app on my Roku can’t find the Plex server on the PR4100, either. So it’s apparently NOT just a Windows problem.

What happened?

UPDATE: Rebooting AGAIN fixed the issue. Curious as to the cause of all that, though.

Happened to me as well on a PR4100. I had to manually shutdown with the power button and then restart. Does WD even do any firmware testing?

“Does WD even do any firmware testing?”
Answer = No, apparently not. WD have taken a page out of the Micro$erf playbook. Users must purchase products at a premium price and do all the alpha & beta testing themselves, then join associated WD community forums (ie this forum) and provide answers to other users experiencing issues.
That’s why competiting products like Synology’s are looking good these days.


Same here. I got an email from my server saying it had successfully applied new firmware. Arrived home a few days later to find “system rebooting” on its screen. So it had been inthis state of half shutdown for a couple of days.
Actually this normally happens. If on the rare occasion when I have to manually shut down, like if I am going to be away for a while, I select shutdown from browser control panel, and then it just sits there and I have to hold down power switch to force it off. This cannot be good for it.
Also, EVERY SINGLE time I power up it is invisible on the network and I have to manually restart it again before Windows can see it.
Getting sick of this. Last time it flashed up an error message saying that power was lost and it had to perform disk integrity check.
Its not right, and I would love to see it fixed.


Firware ver.:2.31.193.

This issue is still remaining.
Today it happened again after updating the firmware.
It happens after every firmware update.

Gee, maybe WD should release the firmware source code so people could fix the issue once and for all.


I have 3 x PR4100. They are set to auto-update when they see new firmware.
Sometimes when rebooting (not only because of updating firmware) a PR4100 will hang with its blue light flashing and then I need to use the power button to shut it down and then start it up again.
So last night one of my PR4100s has auto updated to 193, one is still on 183, and one has disappeared from the internet. I know from experience that the disappeared PR4100 in in fact sitting there with its blue light flashing. Unfortunately it’s in a remote location to me, so that means I’ve lost the use of that device till I’m back in that location to manually restart it, which will not be for a while. I hope WD can understand how annoying that is. And I can see from this thread that I’m not the only person with this issue. Does anyone in WD care?


Same issue here. WD apparently expects us to do their QA testing and support work…

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Hi guys, thanks for reporting the problem. Our engineering team will investigate into this issue.

Last night my office’s DL4100 updated firmware, and since this morning the power light has been flashing blue and all disk lights steady blue… it has 16 TB disk space, but only about 4 TB data. I’m worried it will take 7 days… one of my colleagues is desperate.