PR4100 Light flashing after stuck in reboot

Today when getting to work my PR4100 was stuck in rebooting mode. I followed suggestions on the WD support page and powered off, unplugged, plugged back in and now the blue light on the front is blinking. None of the lights on the drives are blinking so it doesn’t look like anything is being written. We cannot access the drive online either. We have close to 4TB of data on the drive.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get us back up?

This used to happen to me every time I rebooted or upgraded firmware. However, today I upgraded firmware to latest version (2.31.149) and it didn’t happen. Hurray! Are you on the latest firmware?

One of the things that I found helped to get the PR4100 back up was to power off, disconnect power cable, disconnect USB drives (do you have any of those or other peripherals?), wait 5 mins re-plugin power cable and then re-boot.

Good luck.