Does anyone else have an issue with the fact that it can take up to 7 days for a pr2100 to restart after a firmware uodate?

image Over the years I have purchased at least 6 different NAS products, all with no to minimal issues. This is a truly amazing piece of BAD technology. Without going into all the details, hours upon hours of wasted phone calls with people in India who know nothing beyond what I’ve already researched on their useless support pages. BOTTOM LINE: IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO HAVE A NAS BE DOWN FOR “UP TO 7 DAYS” ON A FIRMWARE UPDATE THEN INDEED BE STUPID ENOUGH TO BUY THIS. Worse, you need to wait as long as it takes to know if there is a problem with the system. If you restart it you start the process from the start again. I am now on my 20th hour on the firmware update (which started automatically). This is not a matter of inconvenience as stated by the support person, this is totally unacceptable! With forty years + of personal computing who would ever think WD would release such an incredibly bad piece of equipment. Sad part is I can no longer trust anything created by Western Digital. End result, no sale on all WD products going forward.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing problem. Is your NAS stuck in power cycle waiting for reboot to finish after auto firmware update? If so, you can try disconnecting the power cable to reboot.

What did you ever figure out? I am on my 55th hour of a blue light flashing about every second.

@Murdaug123 The Blue Light Flashing is the file system check running on your device.
It can run for longer than 55 hours depending on the drive capacity, amount of content and the state of the file system (IE: how much checking and repair is needed).

On another note, we’ve made available a BETA release of 2.31.195 that resolves the reboot issue mentioned in this thread.

My Cloud PR2100/PR4100 2.31.195 BETA Firmware for Reboot Issue

It is now on it’s seventh day. I am calling for warranty tomorrow.